300 Series Multi-Stream Rotor® ukr

The 300 Series Multi-Stream Rotor from Toro® combines a highly distinctive way to irrigate with the reliability you’ve come to expect. Uniquely designed, Multi-Stream Rotors feature multiple rotating streams, a slower precipitation rate and excellent wind resistance.


Сектор поливу




• Inlet Size: ¾” for Lawn and High-pop; ½”-¾” for Shrub model
• Radius: 4,6-9,2m (15’-30’)
• Operating Pressure Range: 2,4-3,5 Bar (35-50 psi)

Технічні особливості

• Unique Multiple Rotating Streams
• Matched Precipitation Rate Arc Discs
• Choice Of Six Nozzles And Nine Interchangeable Arc Discs
• Selection Of Pop-up Heights

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