When the effect required is classic and refined rather than natural, our Formal Spillways fit the bill! Whether Colorfalls or Scupper, gleaming Stainless Steel or translucent Acrylic, reflective or radiant, our Spillways add elegance to any landscape and style to any interior. Our solid brass Wall Spouts add old world charm with a modern twist. These heavy-duty fixtures feature an oil rubbed bronze finish that evokes the past while fitting in perfectly with contemporary walls and patios. Lit from within or glowing from below, all of our Formal Spillways are designed to carry the beauty of water deep into the evening.

The Atlantic Formal Spillway System is what sets us apart from the rest. Not just an attractive accent, our Formal Spillways are the centerpiece of a well-designed outdoor living installation.

The Complete Formal Spillways System:

1. Formal Spillway Basins are seamless, leak-proof and molded in sizes that complement most modular wall and paving systems, for easy installation and minimal cutting.

2. Built-in recesses route all the plumbing beneath the basin, including auto fill feed lines and low voltage wiring for accent lighting.

3. Basin Kits include all plumbing and fittings needed for installation, with a single union ball valve for easy pump removal and adjustment of water flow to the spillway.

4. All plumbing is contained inside the perimeter of the basin, allowing retaining wall blocks to surround the basin with no notching or cutting.

5. Internal Matala filtration prevents any debris from entering the pump and spillway, cleaning the water and diffusing turbulence for even water flow from the spillway.

6. Large pump chamber accommodates the appropriate TidalWave pump with room for the installation of an auto fill valve.

7. Complete Basin Kits work interchangeably with all Atlantic Formal Spillway styles: Colorfalls, Color Changing Colorfalls and Stainless Steel Scuppers.

8. Atlantic Splash Rings keep stones in place and splash at bay as effectively as our Splash Mats, but with the appeal of steel. Add an LED light ring under the mesh to illuminate the falls from below.