Tecnocooling Fog Systems

We are one of the leading commercial and industrial misting systems manufacturers offering a diverse portfolio in both the commercial and industrial sectors. Over 38 years of work we have built an undeniable reputation in the high pressure and spray industry. We have been fortunate to work on some very successful project.

TecnoCooling is one of the world’s largest misting pumps and accessories manufacturers with distribution agreements across five continents. Our staff’s combination of education and industry experience has created a unique approach to misting systems by focusing on Quality, Performance, and Lasting Value.


As a capable and dependable partner, we take an interest in our customer’s ideas, and get to know their needs and requirements via direct dialogue with them. On this basis we can then work together to come up with comprehensive, innovative solutions.

Doing Business

Our creativity and innovation in developing and taking new products to market is only the beginning. We also offer our customers effective solutions and systems to help them keep their businesses moving forward every day.


We are committed to providing you with the best quality product, for the most competitive price without sacrificing quality. We use the best materials, equipment and proven quality control methods to produce the finest pumps and parts found in the market today.

TecnoCooling offers now the widest range of misting solutions on the market. We are engaged every day to study innovative products that allow us to be your first choice in the world of misting.