Holmac – special farm machines

In this company, established in 1969, we build products well known and appreciated all over the world. It all began with the production of hydraulic power packs and spare parts for tool machines and from the beginning our goal has been to produce with the best technology and precision available on the market. In 1981 we entered the nursery business with the hydraulic hammer, first specific tool to remove a tree with its rootball. Making treasure of our long experience in mechanic and hydraulic systems, in 1989 we designed and built our first prototype of treedigger. It was a revolution in the nursery field, because the treedigger can do the job of 20 people and this permits to increase the number of digged out trees, making better delivery timing and making lower the effort for workers. But the most important reached goal is that the trees have no problems after transplanting, because only with the blade of the treedigger is possible to make the root pruning, a work useful to enforce the root system of the tree.


This machine is special for transporting plants and materials inside the nursery and it holds a maximum of 4000 kilograms. Also approved for pruning jobs, this machine comes with a receptacle that reaches
8.4 meters in height and/or a four-people platform that reaches 2.95 meters. Powered by a 59 HP turbo diesel engine, it has hydrostatic forward motion with a variable speed of between 1 and 10 Km/h.