Ferrari Agricultural Machinery

Officine meccaniche Ferrari S.p.A. in Luzzara (RE) was created in the context of the Italy of the post-war reconstruction and are intertwined with the development and mechanization of agriculture in the 50’s.

After an initial phase dedicated to the construction of dies for the production of pipes for irrigation, in 1957 FERRARI presented itself at the Verona Fair with its first agricultural machine: the two wheel tractor MC 57.

It was an instant success and, with various updates it was manufactured until 1965, the year in which FERRARI launched its first articulated tractor, the MT 65.

In those years FERRARI already had high technological content. The product range was enriched in the 70s with the production of the first motor mowers, the first transporters and the first agricultural machines for the transport of foodstuffs on rough terrain.

In 1988 FERRARI joined the BCS Group as a major established company.

Today the BCS Group is a leading multinational company in the mechanization sector. It designs and manufactures agricultural machinery and for greens maintenance, machines for autonomous electrical energy production and for mobile welding.

Company Mission

Our ‘Mission’ is to design, manufacture and distribute products that promote the needs of those who use them, with the intention of making machines that improve the lives of those who purchase them, ensuring reliability, safety and comfort.

Also, respecting and protecting the environment has always been a constant in our way of thinking and acting, having grown up alongside those who live day to day in close contact with nature and make their living from it.


BCS S.p.A. and its three production plants at Abbiategrasso (Milan), Luzzara (Reggio Emilia) and Cusago (Milan) are in compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 covering design, production and servicing of tractors, agricultural and greens maintenance machines, engine-driven welders and generating sets.