MultiOne loaders

Reliability and innovation

Basic credo for MultiOne loaders – to be the best in their class by combining reliability and innovation. Compliance with quality standards the hard work of the design bureau, as well as the application of the accumulated experience gives its results, being embodied in the New design.

In the production of MultiOne loaders used high-quality components from the world known
manufacturers. Based on many years of research and developments, in forklifts the new series is embodied only better.


The main purpose of loaders MultiOne – to provide the client universal working tool, with maximum performance and the minimum cost of ownership. Multifunctional joystick control allows simultaneously produce several operations preventing fatigue of the operator and increasing the speed of execution works.

Cut a lawn, mix cement, unload the pallets, lift the freight on the height – and all this you can do with one loader.

Strength and safety

Hinged-articulated loader frame MultiOne supports the optimal balance machine at exercise maneuvers, even under large ones loads.

MultiOne – the only loader, equipped with telescopic mast with H – like profile and system horizontal leveling of cargo. Advantage sensor, security system ROPS and FOPS, side protection frame from the operator crash from the cab, and other built-in security systems will provide the operator comfortable and safe work.

Dynamism and ease to use

It’s just incredible that it’s so small loader can lift freight, heavier than his own weight. may maneuver in narrow aisles, download trucks with tall sides, work on lawns, without damaging them. High reliability of nodes, aggregates and electronic components of a loader, guarantees reliability and uninterrupted work of the MultiOne technology.

Design and comfort

In the winter, and in the summer the operator will be feel comfortable in the cabin MultiOne loader. Ergonomic seat with support back, coupled with a wide cabin prevents premature tiredness the operator Conveniently located controls and the instrument panel considerably increase speed and simplicity performance of operations. 11-functional joystick control allows you to do a lot of loader control operations and hinged equipment with one hand.

Being in the cabin, the operator is calm sees the lower edge of the telescope mast The absence of blind zones will allow accurately and quickly perform operations with different hinged equipment. Visibility 360 ° provides high comfort and safety during the work.

Low cost of ownership

Combination of hinged- articulated frame and the telescopic mast is the best tools for fast and efficient performance of work. Reduced tire wear, low fuel consumption – there are the advantages of hinged- articulated frame. Advantages of a telescopic mast – ability to download in the hard-to-reach places became possible. Take off the load from the car, approaching only one side of the board, it`s not problem now. MultiOne is the best solution for market of mini loaders, from the position low cost of ownership and high performance. Easy handling of the loader and hinged equipment will make it easy to cope with any work, even a beginner.

Service support

MultiOne Loader Line was specially designed based on needs of different categories of clients. Productivity, ergonomics and reliability orientation to needs the client. Widely distributed throughout the world dealer network provides operational MultiOne customer support. Highly skilled specialists will help you to choose the right equipment and hinged equipment will hold quality service and post-sales support.

Applications and attachments for Multione

1. Earthwork

  • Mini excavator;
  • Multi bucket 4 in 1;
  • Trenchers;
  • Bulldozer blade;
  • Hydraulic drill;
  • Scheduler;
  • Excavator …

2. Care of the territory

  • Lawn-mower;
  • Lawn mower with grass collection;
  • Aerator;
  • Mulcher;
  • Intermediate mower;
  • Side mower;
  • Capture for vases;
  • Shredder stumps…

3. Basic work

  • Snow dump;
  • Sand and salt spreader;
  • Brush for snow and leaves;
  • High pressure wash;
  • Lifting platform;
  • Brush for sweeping with hopper and irrigation;
  • Snow turbine;
  • V-shaped dump…

4. Farming

  • Bale forks;
  • Silos fork;
  • Powerful rakes;
  • Hobbies for bundles;
  • Distributor of feed;
  • Powerful Dung fork;
  • Hobbies for hives;
  • Leveling for Equestrian Arena;
  • Mower interference;
  • Plow;
  • Ripper…

5. Construction

  • Crane-bar;
  • Concrete Mixer;
  • Bucket with enthusiasm;
  • Concrete crusher;
  • Milling machine for asphalt;
  • Concrete mixing bucket;
  • Builder Destroyer;
  • Blade;
  • Asphalt stacker…

6. Forestry

  • Capture for deckes;
  • Winch;
  • Shredder stumps;
  • Dumper bucket;
  • Wood shredder;
  • Woodblock …