Atlantic’s Pump Products offer the perfect solution for all water features, large and small. Whether the application calls for Mag Drive or Direct Drive, Axial or Asynchronous, TidalWave pumps deliver the right flow at the right head for the right wattage. Cutting edge design, top quality components and world class support ensure TidalWave delivers years of trouble-free service.

Atlantic’s Comprehensive Pump Chart provides clear, easy-to-understand Best Efficiency Points and Recommended Operating Ranges, to ensure the perfect match of pump to application. Choosing the perfect pump for your water feature is easy: Estimate the Total Dynamic Head of your system (see below) and then find the desired GPH at that head height. For best results make sure the pump chosen is operating in its Best Efficiency (dark blue) range to avoid cavitation, overheating and overworking, ensuring years of worry-free service. For more in-depth information, see Atlantic’s “Let’s Talk Pumps” Tri-fold.

* Total Dynamic Head (TDH) is a critical measure of the work a pump will have to do; if GPH is the size of the bucket, TDH is the hill it’s carried up. Figuring TDH is as easy as it is important. Take the height of your waterfall or stream; add 1 ft. for every 10 ft. of tubing, 1 ft. for every fitting to compensate for plumbing friction. Take the total to the Comprehensive Pump Chart to find the perfect pump for your application.