Atlantic’s immensely strong FastFalls set the standard in spillways, with an internal baffle system stabilized by support cones that cannot be crushed. The ‘inside the liner’ design with its innovative rear liner attachment simplifies installation and eliminates leakage concerns, while the reinforced spillway lip retains rock, gravel, soil or mulch and can even be planted to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

Did You Know?

When we say you don’t have to worry about crushing, cracking or breaking your FastFalls, we mean it! Set your large boulders right on top to camouflage these spillways without a second thought – we test them with a 33,000 lb. Caterpillar 928F Wheel Loader. Now, that’s strong!.


Model: SP1600
Waterfall Width: 16″
Max Pump Flow: 3,000 gph
Bulkhead: 1½” FIPT
Warranty: Lifetime
Dimensions: 16½”W x 9½”D x 7¼”H

Model: SP1900
Waterfall Width: 19″
Max Pump Flow: 4,000 gph
Bulkhead: 2″ FIPT
Warranty: Lifetime
Dimensions: 20½”W x 17″D x 10¼”H

Model: SP2600
Waterfall Width: 26″
Max Pump Flow: 6,000 gph
Bulkhead: 2″ FIPT
Warranty: Lifetime
Dimensions: 27½”W x 17″D x 10¼”H

Model: SP3800
Waterfall Width: 38″
Max Pump Flow: 9,000 gph
Bulkhead: 3″ FIPT
Warranty: Lifetime
Dimensions: 39½”W x 17″D x 10¼”H