220 Brass Series

Built for superior performance under pressure, these Toro® heavy-duty brass and stainless steel valves are rugged and reliable. The debris-resistant design is tested and proven under the harshest conditions.

Dirty Water Resistance

The 120-mesh, stainless steel filter
screen is positioned on the supply side of
the water stream. It is constantly flushed
by the flow, enabling the use of very dirty
water without clogging. Stainless steel
construction of both the filter screen and
the valve solenoid seat ensure long
component life in all types of
water and pressures.

Flow Range: 19-1324,8 LPM
Operating Pressure: 0,7-15,2 Bar


• 1”, 1¼”, 1½”, 2”, 2½”, 3”
• Electric
• Pressure-regulating
• Globe, Angle, NPT, BSP


• Precise Pressure Control Option
• Dirty Water Resistance
• External Downstream Manual Bleed
• Spike-Guard™ Solenoid

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