TPV Series

TPV Series Valves – full featured, rugged, debrisresistant valves feature flow ranges from 0,38 to 151,4 LPM (0.1 to 40 GPM), are ideal for drip, residential and light commercial applications.

DBS Technology™
(Debris Bypass System)

DBS is a patented vibrating metering
pin and diaphragm assembly that
allows for small particles to pass
through the valve without

Flow Range: 0,38-151,4 LPM
Operating Pressure: 0,7-12,1 Bar


• 1” NPT or BSP
• 0,38-151,4 LPM (0.1—40 GPM)
• Electric


• Tough Double-Beaded, Chloramine and Ozone-Resistant Santoprene® Diaphragm
• Patented DBS (Debris Bypass System) Technology™
• Multiple Body Styles
• Wide Range of Flows and Pressure
• Robust Solenoid Design

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