Clarity Blast+ breaks down organic debris with a powerful combination of bacteria, enzymes and a proprietary secret ingredient to clean waterfalls, streams, plant pots and filtration systems. With a patented process that combines bacterial cultures with natural extracts, Clarity Blast+ with Activated Barley helps to remove and control the pond hobbyist’s worst long term pond problem.


  • Removes pond owner’s worst problem
  • Removes slimy debris from ponds, waterfalls and streams.
  • Safe for aquatic and domestic animals


Model: 5CB3/4
Gallons Treated: 6,000 Gallons
Size: ¾ lbs.

Model: 5CB21/2
Gallons Treated: 20,000 Gallons
Size: 2½ lbs.

Model: 5CB7
Gallons Treated: 56,000 Gallons
Size: 7 lbs.