Eco-Klean quickly and safely removes attached organics from rocks, waterfalls, streambeds and anywhere else build-up occurs. Fast dissolving granules add oxygen to the pond, remove odors and, when used regularly, can actually eliminate the need for disruptive, expensive complete pond cleanouts.


  • Immediately removes organic debris
  • Deep cleans rocks, waterfalls, and streambeds
  • Safe for aquatic and domestic animals


Model: 5EK3/4
Gallons Treated: 7,500 Gallons
Size: ¾ lbs.

Model: 5EK21/2
Gallons Treated: 25,000 Gallons
Size: 2½ lbs.

Model: 5EK10
Gallons Treated: 100,000 Gallons
Size: 10 lbs.