Atlantic’s Pond Skimmers offer just what you need for all of your pond projects. With ample pre-filtration options, auto fill capacity, complete freedom in plumbing location, multiple pump capability and remarkable strength and rigidity, these versatile components allow for every style and preference!

Did You Know?

The PS3000Satellite Skimmer is one of the most versatile skimmers ever made. Plumbed to larger Skimmers, it’s the perfect add-on to draw and clean water from hard-to-reach areas. Used with a bottom drain or an external pump, the PS3000 is the industry’s only skimming pre-filter. Fitted with a Mag Drive pump it’s a stand alone skimmer with a 13” footprint. Installs inside or outside the liner for maximum flexibility.


Model: PS3900
Weir Width: 6″
Internal Water Depth: 14½”
Max Pump Flow: 3,900 gph
Sq. Ft. Rating: 200
Filtering: Net, Matala mat
Match To Filterfalls: BF1600
Warranty: Lifetime (enclosure)
Dimensions: 17¾”W x 19½”D x 19½”H

Model: PS4600
Weir Width: 6″
Internal Water Depth: 15½”
Max Pump Flow: 4,000 gph
Sq. Ft. Rating: 400
Filtering: Net, Brush panel
Match To Filterfalls: BF1900
Warranty: Lifetime (enclosure)
Dimensions: 19½”W x 26″D x 22″H

Model: PS7000
Weir Width: 9″
Internal Water Depth: 17½”
Max Pump Flow: 7,000 gph
Sq. Ft. Rating: 900
Filtering: Net, Brush panel
Match To Filterfalls: BF2600
Warranty: Lifetime (enclosure)
Dimensions: 25″W x 30″D x 24″H

Model: PS15000
Weir Width: 14″
Internal Water Depth: 24½”
Max Pump Flow: 15,000 gph
Sq. Ft. Rating: 1400
Filtering: Net, Brush panel
Match To Filterfalls: BF3800
Warranty: Lifetime (enclosure)
Dimensions: 28″W x 33″D x 31″H

Model: PS3000
Weir Width: 6″
Max Pump Flow: 3,000 gph
Application: Satellite Skimmer – Drawing and cleaning water from hard-to-reach areas of a pond, the Satellite Skimmer is used in combination with (and plumbs into) the main pond skimmer. PS3000 installs inside or outside the pond.
Filtering: Net
Match To Skimmer: PS7000/PS15000
Warranty: Lifetime (enclosure)
Dimensions: 13″W x 13″D x 25″H

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